Sunday, November 6, 2011

Drive This, not That! The eccentric way to enthusiast elitism

A lot of people drive that car.  Yes, the car you're currently driving.  There's a reason why people drive it.  Because they heard it was a good car from their "car guy" friend.  Because the automotive press loved it.  Because it's cute.  Because it "fits your style".  Because that shit was cheap as your mother and I got bills, dammit. 

I spoke with a coworker that drove an early 2000's Audi A6 V6.  I asked him why he chose it and he said "because I love German engineering and no one else drives this car."  At first I thought, "well, who doesn't love German engineering?  They only have the most premium names in the automotive world including BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz." But then he said that he used to work at a garage and loved the way German cars were put together.  He said that although a transmission would easily cost over $2000, he'd still buy one and keep the car running because he liked it that much.  He also said that most people drive the other German makes and he didn't want to be like them. 

This blog post is going to be about cars that everyone drive because of one reason or another, along with an alternative that you can consider.  Especially if you're an elitist bastard.  For our first "Drive this, not that!", we'll step into the past.  Enthusiasts love old cars but so do normal people.
This is the Nissan 350Z.  You personally know at least one person that drives this and have seen about 10 others today.  Its got an awesomely powerful V6 engine.  Its got undeniable sporty looks.  It started at less than $30,000 USD.  It says you're sporty but appreciate reliable Japanese engineering.  Getting the automatic didn't mean giving up 1/4 of your horsepower output either (I'm looking at you, Mazda RX-8)
Unfortunately, this generation of the Z-car had one of the worst looking interiors I've ever seen.  I realize this is very much personal opinion.  The steering wheel looked like it belonged in a Nissan SUV.  The dash is filled with plastic.  I guess it had to be done for the goodness of the powertrain. 

Don't want to be seen in a "me too" car?  Don't care for the plastics?  Or maybe you don't care and you already drive one.  Well, here's the elitist's choice to replace it:

Its more expensive than Z, but it'll sell later at a higher price too.  It'll give you just as much practicality.  "No automatic transmission option?" You damn right.  Only people willing to work to be an enthusiast can handle this thing.  Road and wind noise are standard along with rock hard suspension.  Only an enthusiast would put up with that.  Ugly digital tachometer? A real enthusiast doesn't need no electronic mumbo jumbo to tell him how fast the engine is spinning. Just heel-toe that shit to 9000-rpm and don't forget to double clutch like you should.  "I thought only 4-cylinder non-turbo cars were all econoboxes."  That's how its gonna feel like unless you whip the hell out of the engine so that VTEC kicks in yo. 

Did I mention the steering wheel?  A seriously compact, 3-spoke steering wheel that just feels and looks right.  You're here to race, not sit in traffic. 

So, fellow elitist enthusiast: drive the Honda S2000, not the Nissan 350Z!  But you already knew that.  Z-drivers, I've got my flame suit on, so comment and tell me I'm wrong!

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